Visit us at 2612 County Road 2, Keene Ontario. We're on the north side of County Road 2 between Mathers Corners and Hiawatha Line.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Can it Really be the End of August??!!

We can't believe how quickly July and August has flown by.  We presume that's all about how time flies when you're having fun or being busy!

Thanks to so many of you who have returned to the Dorisdale Farm corn table this year and to all of you who have visited for the first time.  You know we love our corn, garlic and other garden goodies and so appreciate the opportunity to share them with you.

We also appreciate your patience and feedback this growing season.  The hot, dry summer with a bit of rain at just the right time has meant an early corn opening, some varieties ripening quickly, and some funny shaped cobs that look like some kind of new veggie variety! 

We just had the chance to talk with a cottager who compared eating our bi-colour sweet corn to what she had recently bought at a grocery store in the city.  She said as she took a bite, our's clearly had a "WOW factor" and wondered what she had been eating before!  We'll presume that has to do with our commitment to fresh picked corn daily, trialing and taste testing every variety and inheriting Gerald and Bernadette's high standards for only selling the best!

We're so blessed to have our kids so actively involved in day to day picking, sales, social media and management.  We couldn't be more proud of them and thank you all for the kind comments about their professionalism.  (And they say thanks for all the VERY kind tips!)

Finally, thanks to everyone who, on top of corn and veggie sales, has supported us with our Dorisdale freezer beef sales this summer!  We're pleased to be able to almost complete your meal with one stop at our farm.  Summer eating is the best!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

2018 Sweet Corn Season is Here!

It's an exciting day!  We're open for sweet corn sales and it has started to rain!

First for opening day...
We do have to double check our records, but opening for sweet corn by July 22 may be the earliest opening  for us in recent history.  That speaks to the heat we've had this summer that corn loves.

Second the rain....
We're enjoying a beautiful drizzly rain that just started at 7:20am as we were finishing picking our first dozens of the season.  While not potentially great for sales, we're very thankful for the much needed moisture.

Looking forward to see you all this summer!