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Friday, 9 September 2011

There's a chill in the air

Yikes-it's September! 

Thanks to everyone who stopped in over the Labour Day Weekend.  It was a perfect weekend to enjoy corn. 

We are coming closer to the end of the corn season.   If driving on County Road 2 today, you'll notice that our signs are covered which means no corn today.  On a positive note, covered signs instead of removed signs means we do still have corn coming along.  We will be open on Saturday but if you would like to be sureto get the sweet corn you need, feel free to call or leave a message at 705-295-2755.  Or post a comment here on our blog!

For an ears up (since it can't really be a 'heads up"), it looks like our white corn is finished for this season.  We're pleased with how popular the white sweet corn has become since it's definitely one of our family's favourites.

Drop in for some bi-colour corn this weekend!

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