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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Those "Waskly Waccoons"

We really know all about family bonding at the Doris'!  While the kids' friends have fun family weekends (now don't get me wrong, we do manage some fun, non-work stuff too), we sometimes have work that just has to be done.  Such is the life of a farmer....

Last week, Pete noticed on his "crop tour" that our little raccoon friends seem to have found our 2013 corn field a little earlier than usual.  That meant it was time to get into action and tackle those pesky predators (or "waskly waccoons") who love our sweet corn. And that's where Elmer Fudd comes in (you do remember Bugs Bunny don't you?

Peter may wear a funny hat, but instead of hunting, we set up an electrified predation fence, usually used by sheep farmers, around the perimeter of our sweet corn field.  We're crossing fingers that these little zaps will keep the raccoons away.

Special thanks to Claire and Maggie for their hard work!

And crossing fingers, we're hoping to have corn by the Civic Holiday weekend.

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