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Monday, 4 August 2014

Celebrating 15 Years!

Time does fly when you're having fun....or just too busy to realize!  We're excited to share that the 2014 Sweet Corn season is reason for us to celebrate!  2014 marks 15 years of Peter and Carolyn  (and gradually the kids) taking over Dorisdale Farm and with it the tradition of selling the most delicious, home-grown Sweet Corn!

Looking back, that first season was a little wild!  Gerald was still living on the farm and was excited that we had made the decision to make the move back to Peterborough County.  We lived (and worked) in Guelph through the week and returned on weekends to PeterboroughCounty.  Gerald kindly kept things going through the week and warmly welcomed our help and visits on weekends (with 8 month old Claire in tow).

What an incredible man who welcomed us, provided guidance, a lifelong supply of farming knowledge and support so we could start seeing our dream a reality!   I do remember him shaking his head when we brought home garlic seed for our first planting!  He was the first though to lend a hand, round up family members for a planting bee and devise a way for an old piece of farm equimpment from his father's era to make things work!

Things do look a little different from Gerald and Bernadette's days at Dorisdale Farm.  I guess that is what happens with time - but much does stay the same.  We like to think that they both would be proud of what we've managed to continue with them as inspiration.  We're especially proud of being able to share stories and think about Gerald and Bernadette at this time of year they both loved.

We hope you have a chance to visit Dorisdale Farm this summer to enjoy farm fresh corn that meets Doris family standards!

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