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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Knee high around the 1st of July....

Both my Dad, Arnold, and Pete's Dad, Gerald, had tons of sayings related to farming.  Dad was just telling me this spring that his father always said when the poplar tree buds were the size of a mouse's ear, it was time to plant grain.  That was one I hadn't heard before.

The other saying that we hear this time of year is that good corn is "knee high by the 1st of July". Crop reporting this morning by Pete shares the good news that our first sweet corn of 2015 is tasseling. That means we could have sweet corn on the table in about 3 weeks...crossing fingers...and if the weather warms up a bit.  That would mean Dorisdale Corn by the August Civic Holiday.

Our garlic is looking good this year too.  We were just through the patch again this morning for another round of scaping the stragglers!  We have a couple of get-togethers this weekend - hope everyone likes garlic scape pasta salad!

the weeds in the garden are doing exceptionally well too :)  They seem to love heat, cold, dry and wet weather!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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