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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Up to Ears in Corn!

We've been kept hopping at the corn table these last few days.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped in and returned for another season of corn or visited for the first time!  We're hearing from regulars that despite the weather we've had, the corn is delicious this year.  Along with the amazing taste of some of our regular early season favourite varieties (like Navajo), we have a few new types that will make the "must grow" list for next year including Cuppa Joe! Its amazing to see lush full beautifully germinated cobs that the raccoons aren't keeping completely to themselves.

We have had a few days of our first white corn of the season and were glad that last weekend we were able to keep some of the white corn fans happy with a Saturday mid-afternoon appearance!

Quantity continues to look great - Pete's gamble with seed (and a fast re-ordering just as we realized it was do that or build an ark like Noah when the May rains started) has been a success.

We're also proud of our corn-y kids who have been working diligently to keep the table stocked and practicing their math skills for back to school preparation!  By the way, their 4-H Lamb Show at the Peterborough Ex went well...but Carolyn was starting to feel like a let down after so many people shared their disappointment that none of the kids were working on Sunday!

Along with the corn it's been great to see so many people stocking up on our farm fresh garlic bulbs and braids, yellow and green beans, zucchini and cucumbers.  Ella's excited to report that her heirloom tomatoes from our friend Jill at Urban Tomato are growing like we've never seen.  We've had to put baler twine and electric fence stakes to work trying to keep the plants upright.  Watch for updates on these beauties coming very soon!

Thanks to everyone for sharing the positive comments and letting us know how much they're enjoying the local bounty.  Get out there and buy from a local farmer today.

Here's our newest corn-pun of the season:
What did the corn say when he was complimented?  Aww, shucks!
Image may contain: food

So for all those positive comments, thanks and "aww, shucks"!  We look forward to seeing you at the corn table!

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