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Friday, 6 July 2018

Garlic Scape Goodness

We love our garlic scapes!  Chopped, frozen, pickled (and eaten a jar at each sitting!!) and pesto-ed, scapes are delicious.  The Simmentals like the little bits that make it them too!

I've had a few people asking so here's one of the garlic scape pesto recipes I use.  I do like the flavour of this pesto (thanks to The Prairie Homestead) with raw cashew nuts and they're a bit more affordable than pine nuts too!  This year I had a lot of basil to use so added it in the verdict is it adds a great flavour.  Since I'm freezing most of the pesto I make, I wait to add lemon juice until I'm using it.  Likewise, I scimp a bit on the oil when making and add a little more after thawing to get the consistency we want. 

It's delicious as the base for pasta salad, on warm pasta, in garlic dips, added to artichoke dip (Maggie's favourite) or even spread on bread and toasted as an appetizer.  We also love it on top of chicken pieces that are then roasted in the oven with chopped or grape tomatoes -  yum!


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