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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Another little hiatus

We're feeling the pressure--weed pressure.  As a result, we're sorry to say that we don't have any corn available this weekend. 

On a positive note though, it looks like we'll be up and running early next week with 2 types of corn--a white and a bi-colour as we move into our second planting .  It looks much better with fewer weeds for the corn to compete with--which makes for better corn (and a much happier farmers)!

Even without corn though there's been no rest for the Doris'.  The kids entered artwork, crafts, baking and vegetables at the Peterborough Exhibition and will be coming home with an array of prizes.   Liam even got a first place ribbon for his sweet corn--so I guess we can officially say our corn is award-winning (despite being the only entry in the class--but that's our little secret).  On Sunday, Claire and Maggie are taking their 4-H calves (big Simmental Yearlings) to the Ex for the beef show.  Hoping the calves stay on the halter! 

Hope to see you next week at the picnic table!

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