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Thursday, 18 August 2011

What we're up to today

Along with both the white and bi-colour varieties of corn today, we have more fresh picked cucumbers and tomatoes available.  The cucumbers must love the heat and rain we've had this summer--they seem to grow overnight.

Liam loves pickles so we have two batches on the go today.  After tasting our first batch of Jennifer MacKenzie's Dilly Pickled Cucumber Chips from The Complete Book of Pickling (2009) we had to start another!  We love Jennifer's cookbooks and of course all of her Milk Calendar recipes over the years!

We're also trying a sweet pickle recipe so our kitchen counters are covered with cucumbers sitting in brine.  Crossing fingers they all taste delicious. 

Claire has been volunteering as a youth interpreter at Lang Pioneer Village just outside of Keene for the last 2 weeks.  Today is her last day and she's had an amazing time baking in a hearth, learning how to embroider, gardening and being a student at one-room school house all while dressed like a girl from pioneer times.  We had the chance to hear her "interpretation" about punishments at school yesterday.  Here's hoping she doesn't decide to use some of those tactics while babysitting her brother and sisters!

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