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Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's Corn Season Part 2!

After an early start to the season, we were short of corn over the August long weekend.  Our apologies to everyone, but with this summer, it seems we can't predict what's happening in the corn field.

We are officially back in business so please drop by on this rainy day and weekend!  You'll see two kinds of corn on the table this weekend:  a lovely bi-colour (peaches n' cream type) and our family favourite - white.

We are taking family shifts with corn this weekend--today Claire and Maggie are showing their 4-H Simmental heifers at the Peterborough Exhibition.  We're excited for Claire!  She is Junior Ambassador of the Peterborough Ex this year so you may not see her selling corn this weekend. 

Hope to see you at the picnic table! 

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