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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Corn Addiction

We admit it.  We eat a lot of corn at Dorisdale....twice a day for sure and it's been known as a breakfast food too (got to taste test new varieties before selling).  We even freeze it and make relish and salsa to last all year long.  That might classify us as having a corn addiction.

I love that bloggers and foodies have created #cornweek and #cornmonth.  We've been enjoying corn biscuits, corn chowder and soup, corn salads, boiled corn, grilled corn, corn on the cob - yes we may have a problem! So many recipes and so much deliciousness.

We just had this delicious Smoky Corn Chowder we just enjoyed is here - bacon, garlic, corn, onions, potato and broccoli (I also threw in some garden fresh green beans). Yum!

Check out and for more examples.  I'll share more recipe ideas that have Doris family approval.

I must admit though, we've never struggled with not having enough time to eat from the cob.  Not sure I could handle the mess, but why not give this a try...  Let us know if it works for you :)  With kids and husband, we already pick up a lot of corn kernels after every meal!

Stop by Dorisdale for your sweet corn fix this weekend! We have both white and bi-colour on the table.

Note - the kernels on a Dorisdale cob are much more tender and juicy than on this one!

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