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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Corny Kids...and Family

It's time for another corn blog update.  We're having a great summer and have so enjoyed catching up with regulars and meeting many new corn lovers at the Dorisdale Farm table.

Each year seems more and more like the corn stand is a family adventure.  Pete has remained as chief corn picker and QA manager. His years of experience have given him speed in the patch that none of the rest of us can quite match. Carolyn has stepped in as "assistant picker" after a year of R&R due to back surgery (things are great now!) and does corn table duty when the kids are away.  We admit to being all about being a family farm (or might child labour be another definition?).  Claire, Maggie and Liam have  all spent some time picking and along with Ella, do their shifts at the corn table, picking veggies, harvesting/cleaning garlic and making change.   They'be been managers especially on days when Mom and Dad have to go to their "day jobs".  It's been great to hear some corn customers state their disappointment in fact when it's Pete or Carolyn who are manning the table.  It seems that the kids are quite popular!

One comment we hear consistently is how much the kids have grown - right before the eyes of everyone in Mathers Corner.  It's hard to believe that Claire will soon by 17, can now drive on her own and is starting her last year of high school.   Maggie, who just turned 14 is excited to start high school and is almost as tall as Mom.  Liam starts Gr 6 in just 2 weeks, and although he can't wait for hockey season to start, has decided "busking" at the corn table with his violin/fiddle between corn sales is something he can add.  Ella just turned 9 (hard to believe) and loves to chat to everyone who stops in.  She was quite excited on the weekend when she was told she looks exactly like Grandma Bernadette, who sadly passed away before any of this generation of Doris' were born.

Corn supply continues to be great - it really has been an amazing corn season.  This weekend is a prime time for a get-together with friends so be sure to give us a call and place your corn order.  Also this weekend we'll be taking part in the first annual Otonabee South Monaghan Township Farms, Fields and Food Tour.  More to come on that later!

We really should add a picture - but will have to wait until we're all in one place at once!
Looking forward to seeing you at the corn table!  Don't forget to like "Dorisdale Farm" on Facebook and follow @Dorisdalefarm on Twitter for all the latest corn news!

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