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Monday, 1 August 2016

Ears Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Well 2016 is certainly shaping up to be quite the sweet corn season to go down in history.  It's a year of corn one day and not the next.  We've been calling it "Ears today, gone tomorrow"!

We did have a very light sprinkle of rain last night but it didn't amount to really anything.  We're hopeful that the forecast later this week will bring more at a critical time for our later corn.  But after this growing season so far, we're not holding our breathe.  Drought 2016 is hitting the history books.

So we do recommend that if you see our signs up on County Road 2, stop in for sweet corn.  It will likely be a day or two in between availability.

On the positive side, what corn we have is ready is delicious!  We have white corn - a definite family favourite - on the table today.  And we have time to do some fun swimming, a visit to a beautiful cottage, pickling (beans are processing right now), bringing in the last of first cut hay and working with 4-H calves and sheep.  4-H Achievement Days are coming up quickly now that the calendar has turned to August 1!

For some tips on selecting and storing sweet corn, check out this great website:

We can guarantee that with our fresh picked daily approach, you won't find dry silks at the top of our cobs.  (Note:  the article says tassels but that's the top part of the corn plant that we leave in the field.)

Looking forward to seeing you later today....or in a couple of days!

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