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Friday, 5 August 2016

Garlic Taste Testing

Despite the drought, our garlic crop is incredible this year.  If you're a garlic lover, plan to stop in and stock up for winter - it is delicious!

Since it was a vacation-from-work-but-working-on-the-farm week, we took the opportunity to try a couple new recipes.  We can't wait to try our spicy pickled green beans (another recipe from our favourite pickling resource - The Complete Book of Pickling by local  Home Economist Jennifer Mackenzie).

But on the garlic theme, we must share this delicious dinner idea- Beef and Pesto Roulade.  Using Dorisdale Farm Round Marinating Steak, we decided this is definitely one dinner option we need to make again.  Instead of traditional basil pesto though, we made it using frozen garlic scape pesto we made during garlic scaping season. Delicious!

(Note - not our photography - credit to

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