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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bring on the Heat...PLEASE

Corn likes heat.  You may have noticed in early July the corn stalks in farmers' fields seemed to grow right in front of your eyes.  That's because it was doing just that.

The weather lately has been great - not too warm, nice sunny days but those cool nights, while great for sleeping, are doing NOTHING for our corn table.

According to Peter our "resident corn expert", the planting of corn that should be on your table right now is just not ripening in the field. Warm temperatures during the day and night are both critical for growing corn. Farmers refer to this as heat units and they differ in regions across Ontario.

Warm temperatures help corn to mature. With sweet corn, maturity means the cobs are filled and perfect for eating.  The cooler weather we've been having has been slowing that maturity.  I guess you can think of it as the same as putting vegetables or fruit in the fridge to slow down ripening.

So, our corn table will be empty today :(  We will keep watch and let you know as soon as we're back in business.

On the positive side, that gives us a little time to clean and peel more of our harvested garlic bulbs ready to sell (see picture below).  Can you hear the Doris kids groaning?  We might also have time to get a couple more changes completed!

Crossing fingers for a little heat!

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