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Friday, 23 August 2013

Here's to Ears!

The weather forecast is predicting a great weekend of warm but not too hot temperatures.  Looks like a perfect weekend to celebrate summer....before September arrives!

So, this weekend is definitely the perfect time to host a get-together with a few friends and have a corn roast.  If corn roasts aren't your thing, then at least enjoy some amazing corn for supper (or breakfast like in our house....but that's another blog post!!).  It won't be around for too much longer.

The corn picking is great right now!  The heat over the past few days has certainly helped the corn mature and the cobs fill out nicely.  A little rain, along with the heavy dew each morning (sorry to say, but autumn is on it's way) has also helped the patch along.

All weekend long we will have 3 great-tasting corn varieties on the table.  Today we've picked a traditional bi-colour (that's like a peaches and cream), a bright yellow and a white that is "oh so sweet and tender".

Come and get it!  Hope to see you at the corn table this weekend!

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