Visit us at 2612 County Road 2, Keene Ontario. We're on the north side of County Road 2 between Mathers Corners and Hiawatha Line.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Corn, Corn, Corn!

The corn table remains a bounty of corn this week!   Like the past number of days, we continue to have 3 kinds of corn for your eating pleasure.

You may see during the week times at which the table is self-serve.  Watch the table signage to know what varieties we have each day.  Feel free to count out your Doris Dozen of 14 cobs yourself....and put your $$ in the container on the table.

For corn updates, check out our Facebook page and "LIKE" us at  (or you can search Dorisdale Farm on Facebook...just note we're not "Doris Day"!!

Hope to see you at the table!

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