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Friday, 9 August 2013

Pop, Pop, Popping!

Sadly the corn table has been empty for much of this past week...fingers crossed though we'll be back in business on Saturday morning with the next planting and varieties of corn just about ready to enjoy!

In anticipation of a busy corn table, I took holidays this week to keep watch.  Instead, the kids and I have managed a week of some odd jobs, a little fun and pickles!

As I've blogged in past years, my FAVOURITE pickling recipe book is by local Home Economist and cook book author, Jennifer Mackenzie.  Every recipe we've tried over the past few years from The Complete Book of Pickling has been delicious and reminds me of the amazing smells in our farm kitchen growing up.

So far, we've had the pop, pop, popping sound from jars of dill relish, pickled dill chips and baby dills.....

..all because of Peter and his bouquet of dill!

We've also tried a couple of new recipes this year.  We have jars of Spicy Pickled Green Beans cooling that I think will be delicious in Caesar's this winter.  At Peter's request, we also have some Pickled Milkweed Pods (see picture below - on the left side)!  

Must admit the kids and I are a little skeptical about this one but since milkweed is in great supply around Dorisdale Farm, we'll give it a try!  

On the schedule for next week - corn relish, salsa and tomato sauce...if the garden agrees! So much for a Registered Dietitian recommending a lower sodium diet :)

Hope to see you at the corn table this weekend!


  1. Spicy Green Beans! Yum!

  2. Sounds and looks amazing! I hope the milkweed ones turn out too!